Week of April 1, 2024

Each week we highlight five things affecting the life sciences industry. Here’s the latest.

Navigating the future of biopharma collaborations amid U.S.-China tensions

  • Per BioSpace, political and legislative changes are creating uncertainty for Chinese and U.S. biopharma collaborations, particularly in antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) research and development.
  • The biopharma industry’s attraction to Chinese partnerships for efficient and swift ADC development persists, though the effects of forthcoming U.S. legislation are yet to be seen.

Financial struggles and audit failures threaten Korean biotechs with delisting

  • The biotech industry in Korea is grappling with the threat of delisting for several firms due to audit failures and financial challenges amid a difficult investment environment and disappointing research outcomes, reports the Korea Biomedical Review.
  • This situation is exacerbated by a series of audit disclaimers leading to trading suspensions and heightened scrutiny from the Korea Exchange, signaling a critical period of volatility and uncertainty for the sector’s sustainability and governance.

Innovative ‘lollipop’ hydrogel for mouth cancer diagnostics developed

  • Researchers at the University of Birmingham, funded by Cancer Research UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, have developed a novel ‘”ollipop” diagnostic tool for mouth cancer using a smart hydrogel, as reported by Med-Tech Innovation.
  • This biocompatible hydrogel, capable of concentrating and labeling proteins with a fluorescent marker in a single step, represents a significant advancement in diagnostics, offering a simpler, room-temperature process compared to traditional methods and the potential for direct patient application.

Progress in Medicare drug price negotiations

  • Reuters reports that the Biden administration has advanced in the Medicare program’s inaugural drug price negotiations, responding to offers from manufacturers of 10 high-cost drugs, though specific details of the negotiations remain undisclosed.
  • All companies involved have responded to the initial price offers sent by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in February, with final prices to be announced on August 1, and the negotiated prices taking effect in 2026.

White paper proposes solutions to combat drug shortages

  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a white paper outlining strategies to prevent and mitigate drug shortages, emphasizing the need for collaboration with Congress and supply chain actors to address this longstanding issue.
  • The paper suggests establishing a Manufacturer Resiliency Assessment Program and a Hospital Resilient Supply Program to enhance supply chain resilience, focusing on generic sterile injectable drugs critical to hospital care but applicable to broader pharmaceutical challenges.

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