Week of Feb. 21, 2022

This week we highlight a personalized blood testing company, an artificial intelligence-based software platform capable of detecting heart disease and a promising mRNA technology that can heal bone defects. In addition, we look at a novel company providing a kidney care solution as well as Nintendo and charities working to create awareness for diabetes.

Each week we highlight five things you need to know about in the life sciences industry. Here’s the latest.

Scipher Medicine recently closed another round of funding, raising an additional $110 million to help support the development of their AI-based blood testing platform. Looking at an individual’s molecular makeup, the AI-powered platform can accurately predict how a patient will respond to a range of drugs available on the market and if needed, provide alternative options to improve efficacy.

A study published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology found that Cleerly’s AI-enabled, non-invasive platform was able to detect plaque buildup as well or better than the conventional invasive angiography procedure, currently considered the gold standard for detecting heart disease. Additionally, the platform provides results quicker than traditional methods that require highly skilled human review and interpretation.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found a low dose of mRNA that promoted healing of bone defects in rats. Their study was recently published in the journal Science Advances. Results indicated that in as few as four weeks, treatment had completely healed the bone defects. Human trials are still needed to determine if they can replicate the result, but researchers are hopeful that these early studies will soon provide an affordable and superior alternative.

In their Series E funding round, Somatus raised an additional $325 million to further expand its value-based kidney care model. The company was founded in 2016 and built to partner with local providers to provide personalized, in-home care for individuals with kidney disease. The platform is designed and focused on prevention and awareness to help those suffering with the disease better manage their health. It’s estimated that more than 37.5 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease.

JDRF, the diabetes research organization, and three other charities have partnered with Nintendo and Insulet to create their own island on the popular Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing. The goal of the partnership is to help create awareness and raise money for the foundations. Additionally, the partnership hopes to foster a community to bring together and support those suffering with the disease.

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