Week of May 6, 2024

Each week we highlight five things affecting the life sciences industry. Here’s the latest.

  • BioCentury reports that the biopharma industry is actively lobbying for changes to the Biosecure Act aiming to modify legislative measures that could impact U.S. companies’ ties with Chinese contract development and manufacturing organizations.
  • The industry’s concerns are highlighted in the run-up to a critical House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing scheduled for May 15, which will discuss potential amendments to the legislation.
  • Digiday reports that the pharmaceutical industry is increasingly investing in influencer marketing, overcoming previous reservations due to the maturation of the field and changes in digital advertising landscapes.
  • Notably, pharma companies are achieving higher engagement through influencer partnerships, indicating a strategic pivot to harness targeted conversations and authenticity in advertising.
  • Per Pharmaceutical Technology, there is a concerning rise of sham patents in the pharmaceutical industry, which hinder generic drug competition by abusing the patent system.
  • These dubious patents, often filed to delay the entry of cheaper generics, pose significant challenges to affordability and access in health care, prompting regulatory scrutiny and potential legal reforms.
  • Fierce Biotech reports that the next wave of biotech initial public offerings is expected to occur in the summer as market dynamics and investor interest align to favor public market activities.
  • This prediction follows a lull after a burst of IPOs earlier in the year, with secondary stock offerings signaling strong market health and fueling expectations for new public offerings.
  • Fierce Pharma discusses the significant regulatory issues arising from the approval of expensive gene therapies in the U.S., which have sparked legal actions in Brazil as patients demand access to these treatments.
  • The Food and Drug Administration emphasizes the need for global regulatory cooperation to prevent the proliferation of ineffective treatments and ensure that vulnerable patients aren’t exploited by bad actors.

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