Made in America – Reflex Protect

June 09, 2020

Being self-reliant is a cornerstone of the Reflex Protect® mantra, and we practice what we preach in all aspects of our business.

Reflex Protect®, Presidia Gel®, and Reflex Remove™ are 100% American made.  Our patented spray head was invented by Montanan Steve Mangold with design work by Salient Technologies in Bozeman. The injection-mold plastics are manufactured by PDM in Manhattan, Montana, next door to where Blackhawk produces our custom holsters for security and law enforcement.

Our patent-pending formula for Reflex Remove was invented in the University of Montana campus tech incubator by Missoula-based chemist and Reflex team member Patrick Memoli. It is presently the subject of a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Grant Phase 2 research application due to its potential to eliminate unnecessary suffering.

And when it’s time to assemble new product, as we are doing now due to increased demand, we do it at Big Sky Fulfillment in Missoula.  

The mechanical star of our line is a $30,000 Schmidt industrial press, also designed by Steve, that attaches the bottom enclosure onto the pressurized can of Presidia Gel.

The Reflex spray head then goes through some delicate hand assembly of other pieces, followed by testing, cleaning and packaging (all done with healthy social distancing in mind).

With the problems of supply chains from overseas impacting American capacity for manufacturing, it’s good to know that Reflex Protect can take care of our customers by ourselves.

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