New Distance Learning Online Training for a COVID-19 World

May 14, 2020

Reflex Protect proudly announces a fully online distance learning Reflex Protect training option. This offers a turn-key solution to certified instruction requirements when Reflex Protect in-person training is not feasible or preferred.

We brought this enhanced capacity online months ahead of schedule due to Covid-19 lockdowns and the need to still deliver in-house “Train the Trainer” certification of our non-lethal active defense solution without our team ever setting foot in the customer’s facility. It also allows for more frequent follow-up training for facilities we do visit in person.

As an example, our team was scheduled to conduct an in-house training this week at Billings Clinic, Montana’s largest hospital. Covid-19 safety considerations forced its cancellation. Reacting quickly to the new reality, Billings Clinic will instead receive online instruction and certification for two of its security leaders who will then each train about 30 more staff in the use of Reflex Protect. User certification for those users will also be completed through Reflex Protect training.

By June 1st, any hospital or school in the country (and any business by mid-summer) can go online and for $299.95 download a complete training package that includes:

  • Form policies and procedures for the institution or its board to customize and implement
  • FAQ video explaining the purpose and reasoning behind the course and materials
  • Trainer certification course and printable certificate for local responsible security personnel
  • Course materials (printed or digital handouts, PowerPoint, videos, etc.) for use by Certified Trainer in training users
  • Sample full training video for relevant facility (i.e. hospital or school)
  • Supplemental materials
  • User certification video and printable certifications for all trained users

Unlike most training courses, we teach local security leaders in the why, how, when, and when not to use Reflex Protect Active Defense Solution as part of their safety preparedness program.  This certifies for workers’ comp, general liability, and community approval that everyone authorized to use Reflex Protect has been properly trained in its use and in some level of general anti-violence safety preparedness as well.

A full active shooter training is also in the works.  

Link to our free Reflex Protect® eBook providing you with important safety tips useful wherever you live, work, worship, or play.

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