Team Spotlight: Meet Patrick Memoli

June 12, 2020

Our chemist tells his story.

Meet Patrick Memoli.

I specialize in bringing personal care and consumer products through Research & Development to commercialization. My chemistry career started in Missoula and I now run an independent consulting laboratory from the MonTEC (Montana Technology Enterprise Center), Montana’s premiere start-up business incubator.

My preferred customers are typically the ‘little guy’ or better yet, those with eager growth opportunities as well, such as Reflex Protect. These companies have the specialized and significant ability to challenge competitive creativity in previously stagnant product spaces. Simply put, these companies force markets to innovate.

My work with Reflex Protect began rather fortuitously as we were connected from across the building. Our initial project went so well that I have stayed on with Reflex Protect’s dedicated team, breaking through barriers and achieving new milestones.

I fully believe that this team, with their unwavering leader at the helm, could achieve commercial success regardless of the product being sold. This has given me resolve that with their decades of experience in self-defense technology and my added chemical expertise, Reflex Protect can bring non-lethal defensive gel sprays and solutions to the people of the world through thick or thin, pandemic or health, and in peace or civic unrest.

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