Team Spotlight: Meet Sue Glader

May 11, 2020

The secret sauce of Reflex Protect is not limited to our innovative technology, intellectual property, and comprehensive solution to a major problem, as important as those are. What makes Reflex Protect so special is the quality and comprehensive expertise of the people drawn to its mission. Please get to know our team better through these short first person accounts. Feel free to comment or ask questions of any team member.

Our storyteller tells the first story.

Meet Sue Glader.  

I am a pacifist. The closest to conflict I’ve ever gotten was purposefully stepping on the lunch sack (with both feet) of a little girl in elementary school who was being particularly nasty to me at recess. 

I am also risk adverse.  My natural inclination is to stay in my lane and keep my head down.

So when I first heard about Reflex Protect two years ago, as Joe is an old friend, I dismissed it immediately.  I didn’t want to think about needing protection, because I didn’t want to think about anything bad happening to me.

And then we had out of control fires in Northern California that literally obliterated whole cities.  Our air turned brown.  We all packed “to go” bags left by the front door hastily stuffed with photocopies of important documents, spare contact lenses, and a change of clothes.  I actually put my most precious photo albums in the trunk of my car, just in case.  

And then we had mandatory power outages in Northern California that lasted for a week.  And we had to find stores with generators who still had bags of ice for our coolers, batteries for lanterns and flashlights, and back-up chargers for our electronics.  We left our garage doors open with our cars facing out. 

In short, I came to understand the wisdom of preparation. 

It is why I am now part of the Reflex Protect team, helping to tell the story of why preparation with non-lethal protection is at the heart of peace of mind.  As a peaceful person, that’s all I want for everyone.

– Sue Glader





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