Which Common Household Items Are You Misusing for Personal Safety?

Although you may have the best intentions to protect your family by repurposing common household items as a means of self-defense, those items are better off to be used with their original purpose in mind. This article covers common household objects that should not be considered “dual purpose” by means of protecting yourself or your loved ones. 

  1. A golf club – this item is commonly used for self-defense when an improvised weapon is necessary, however, golf clubs can cause extremely serious injuries or even fatalities.
  2. A can of bear spray – although this may seem similar to a non-lethal option like Reflex Protect, bear spray is designed in fact for bears, and not for humans. It turns out, bears react far better to pepper spray and humans react far better to CS (aka tear gas.) Additionally, bear spray creates a fog-type cloud, which can easily cause not only evacuation of your home but can leave you with a terrible mess on your hands. 
  3. A can of wasp spray – even though this improvised weapon seems as though it addresses the issues that arise when using bear spray as a form of self-defense, unfortunately, wasp spray is hardly effective on humans and should be used solely for its intended purpose. 
  4. Pepper sprays – this non-lethal weapon is a great option in an outdoor setting. However, the nature of pepper spray is similar to that of bear spray and can create a massive cloud of pepper spray, which can contaminate people, pets, furniture, and even your air handling system. Additionally, often times pepper sprays will be deployed using the technology of a European fire extinguisher, something that fails to lend itself to intuition and takes additional practice to master in a stressful situation.
  5. A gun – although this option is commonly used as a form of self-defense, it is a lethal one and is often locked up in order to avoid an accidental misfire. Because of this, there can be a significant delay in response to a threat. Also, the ramifications of a lethal weapon are much greater than those of a non-lethal nature. 


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Source link: https://reflexprotect.com/blogs/blog/which-common-household-items-are-you-misusing-for-personal-safety by Andrea Schnee at reflexprotect.com