20 New Year’s Affirmations for Moms


It’s no secret that resolutions are all the rage at the start of a new year. After the holidays, many of us are ready for a reset. And while having goals is a great thing, the fact is that most resolutions don’t last longer than 3.74 months on average. So, while we’re not suggesting forgoing the yearly resolution if it works for you, we are offering another approach to try. 

Our theory? Go into the New Year with both goals and affirmations—AKA positive statements that resonate with us and that we can speak out loud to ourselves regularly. What we love most about affirmations is the psychology behind them. They work because after hearing something repeatedly, we start to believe what we’re hearing. That means consistency is the name of the game in the world of affirmations. If you’re 3.74 months into saying your mantras and don’t feel any different, don’t be discouraged. Instead, keep going and trust that eventually, you’ll believe what you’re hearing.

This new year, make a resolution to pick up a few affirmations that are important to you. Check out a few thought starters and New Year’s affirmations for moms below.

New Year’s Affirmations for Moms

1. I am beautiful and proud of my body.

With every gym filling to the brim with new members at the first of the year, it’s easy to feel like we need to get into fitness mode. And while moving our bodies is always a great idea, it’s important to remember that we are so much more than the way we look. As moms, we can be especially appreciative of all of the accomplishments our bodies do and achieve each day.

2. I can do anything, but I can’t do everything.

We love this affirmation for two reasons. First, it reminds us that the things we are capable of accomplishing are limitless. But two, it also serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t expect ourselves to do everything and that we deserve help.

3. I can ask for help when I need it.

Speaking of help, this affirmation can serve as a reminder that we’re allowed to ask for help whenever we need it. In a world that tries to tell us that we’re “superheroes,” we can push back and say no, we’re only human and we deserve help. Let the new year be the time we lean on or try to find a support system.

4. I am likable.

If meeting new friends is a goal for the new year, this affirmation is for you. Go into every interaction with new potential pals with this mindset. Allow it to give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and forge new connections.

5. I am grateful for a fresh start.

Each new year feels like a fresh start, but what we think is great about this affirmation is that it shows that each and every day can be just that. We can use each day as an opportunity to reflect on how we want to grow and evolve.

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6. I am the best mom for my kids.

In a world where it’s far too easy to play the comparison game, we can quickly become discouraged thinking we’re not doing enough. And, if those intrusive thoughts get too strong, we may even question if we’re the best parents for our kids. Let this affirmation be the guide we can all use in remembering that no one could be a better parent for our kids than us.

7. I am constantly learning, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Life, motherhood, and parenting is a constant learning experience. Not to mention marriage, work, friendship, and all of the other hats we wear on a daily basis. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes and learn from them with this affirmation.

8. I am a kind and patient person.

This affirmation is especially powerful on those days when it feels like everyone is out to get us. The next time we’re cut off in traffic or called out in a work meeting, we can take a deep breath and affirm ourselves with this mantra.

9. I am in control of how I respond to situations and people.

In the same vein, reminding ourselves that we are in control of our reactions can be incredibly powerful. When our emotions are heavy, it’s easy to quickly react instead of thoughtfully responding. We can use this affirmation as a reminder that while we can’t control everything, we are in control of how we respond to everything.

10. This too shall pass.

On days when things are stressful or heavy, hearing that we can get through it may just be the encouragement we need. While it’s nice to have that reassurance from others as well, this affirmation is a great way to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come and that we can get through any situation, no matter how difficult.

11. I am doing my best, and that is enough.

We’ve all been there—feeling like we’re not doing enough. Not living up to the “Pinterest mom” we sometimes aspire to be. But we can all stand in solidarity in saying that we’re all doing our best. Remind yourself that your best is not only good enough, it’s pretty dang great.

12. I know my children best.

Parenting advice is wonderful. Learning from moms who came before us and friends dealing with similar situations is a beautiful thing. But try to acknowledge that what works for everyone else might not be the best thing for your family. And when it comes to knowing what’s best for your kids, there’s no one out there like you.

13. I deserve to be taken care of.

More often than not, a mom’s priority is taking care of everyone around her. The kids, her spouse, and even the pets often lean on her to get by. While it can be a beautiful experience to have others look to us, hearing that we deserve to be taken care of, too, can be highly impactful.

14. I trust my intuition.

It’s easy to ignore gut feelings or the voices in the back of our heads. This is especially true when outward voices are telling us the opposite. Lean into the instincts you have as a mom and know that you can trust your intuition when big life decisions arise.

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15. I am deserving of joy.

Maybe one of the oldest of New Year’s resolutions is to find more happiness in the year ahead. The thing is, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving that. We feel like we’re not doing enough or should be farther along in order to feel happy. We can go into the new year with this affirmation that assures us we’re deserving of the joy we seek.

16. I am strong and resilient.

No matter what our intentions are in the new year, life can sometimes throw us a few curve balls. When things stop going as planned, and we have to face challenges, we can remind ourselves that we have everything we need to get through it.

17. I am a good role model for my kids.

In our children’s eyes, there’s usually no one they look up to quite like their moms. Even when we don’t feel our best, we can remind ourselves that our children are learning from us, and by showing up for them and ourselves, we are being a great role models.

18. I give myself permission to rest.

When our to-do lists are heavy, one of the first things to go is quality sleep. Use this affirmation as a reminder that rest is just as important as errands, work, and schedules.

19. My productivity does not define my worth.

Even when that to-do list isn’t entirely checked off by the end of the day, we’ve still accomplished a whole lot. The quantity of tasks we complete in a day does not define our worth, and it’s important to remember that.

20. I am a good mom.

Of all of the New Year’s affirmations for moms, this might be the best. Trying to be the perfect mom is a lot of pressure. And regardless of what it might look like on social media, it is actually impossible. Remind yourself that you’re doing a great job every day with this ultimate affirmation.

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