50+ Baby Names That Mean Sun for Girls and Boys

Baby name inspiration can often come from the unlikeliest of sources. A far-off landmark, a distant relative, or even a fictional character are all fair game. But what better place to look for baby name inspiration than up? Baby names that mean “sun” are perfect for the little ray of sunlight you’ll welcome into your home.

Feeling the warmth as you snuggle up with your newborn is one of life’s great pleasures. And while baby names that mean “sun” are especially perfect for babies born in the summer, they can be adorable choices for any time of year. That’s why we put together this comprehensive list of baby names that mean “sun.” But we didn’t just stop there. We also included several appealing options for baby names related to the sun, sunshine, summertime, and more. The names listed below are full of light and warmth. Read on for our favorite sun-inspired baby names.

Girl Names That Mean Sun


As far as names related to the sun go, this one might be one of the sweetest. Pronounced “awn-yeh,” the Irish name refers to the Celtic goddess of summer and means “radiance.”


While the lovely Jessica Alba may come to mind when hearing this name, we wanted to include it as one of the names that mean “sunrise.” The moniker is of Spanish origin.


An uncommon name in the United States, the gorgeous title is Armenian and means “sun.”


For a lovely nature-inspired baby name, consider Aurora. The name means “dawn,” which, of course, brings to mind the first light of day. But it also brings to mind the stunning Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights.


Directly translating to “thousand summers,” this Japanese name will invoke sunshine for years to come.


This is one of those names that means “sunrise” and refers to the first appearance of daybreak. Your little one is sure to be a light in your life each day, so why not gift her this darling British name? It also makes a great middle name option!


The meaning of this beautiful name is twofold. In Hebrew, it holds the meaning of “God has answered,” while its Latin roots refer to “sun.”

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A less common alternative to the highly popular Eleanor, this Greek baby name means “sun ray.”


This unique title has Sanskrit origins and is perfect for a “sunny” little lady.


A darling Spanish option, this name has been a favorite of parents for decades. It refers to a “sunny sea.”


A precious title fit for a little ray of sunshine, the whimsical Latin title means “sun ray.”


Drawing inspiration from the Hindu sun god, the Sanskrit name means “relating to the sun.”


This cheerful Spanish name will bring a smile to your face each time you say it. It holds the meaning of “sunshine” or “sunny place.”


This gorgeous French name not only means “sun” but brings to mind the shining child actress from the ’80s, Soleil Moon Frye from Punky Brewster.


Inspired by the sunniest season of them all is this sweet name fit for any little girl born in June, July, or August.


Bringing to mind the Japanese singer and songwriter Yōko Ono is this feminine name meaning “sun child.”


Similar to the more common Aria, this Russian title is just as beautiful and holds the meaning of “dawn” or “sunrise.”

More Girl Names Related to the Sun

  • Elaine: French | “Sun ray”
  • Elle: Greek | “Sun ray”
  • Haruko: Japanese | “Sun”
  • Heulwen: Welsh | “Sunshine”
  • Hina: Japanese | “Sunshine” or “Greenery”
  • Kalindi: Indian | “The Sun”
  • Lenora: Greek | “Light”
  • Lucy: Latin | “Light bringer”
  • Meira: Hebrew | “Giving light”
  • Mzia: Georgian | “Sun”
  • Phoebe: Greek | “Bright and radiant”
  • Saulė: Lithuanian | “Sun”
  • Sole: Italian | “Sun”
  • Solfrid: Norwegian | “Sun,” “Love”

Boy Names That Mean Sun


This Sanskrit name means both “the sun” and “belonging to Aditi,” the Hindu mother goddess.


A snappy Japanese title, the name Akino refers to the “rising sun.”


Another “A” baby name on our list of names related to the sun, Altan is a Turkish name that refers to a “red dawn.”


You can never go wrong with a celestial baby name. This one refers to the Greek god of the sun and means “destroyer.”


Short but sweet, this name has Armenian origins and directly means “sun.”


This wildly popular name will be shared with the talented family of Miley, Billy Ray, and Noah. Your little one may just grow up to be a shining star as well, with this Persian name meaning “sun.”


Brought to our list by the Greek god of the sun, Helios, this name with Italian and Spanish roots translates to “sun.”

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A title from Icelandic mythology is sure to hold some significance. While the meaning of Freyr is “lord,” it is the title of the Norse god of fertility, peace, and sunlight.


This gender-neutral name meaning “counsel” is certainly sun-inspired.


Short but strong, this highly masculine Indian name means “sun.”


An adorable option—especially for a little one with a father named Sam! The Hebrew name means “sun.”


Watch your little one soar to new heights with this gorgeous Romanian title meaning “sun.”


Often used as a nickname for the Indian names Sundeep or Sunil, Sunny can also stand alone as a first name with the meaning of “sunshine,” “bright,” and “cheerful.”


It doesn’t get much cuter than this. Utu is a Sumerian name with ties to mythology, known as the god of the sun and justice.

More Boy Names Related to the Sun

  • Aiden: Irish and Gaelic | “Little fire”
  • Albert: German | “Bright”
  • Ari: Bagada | “Sun-like”
  • Bhaskara: Sanskrit | “Shining”
  • Blaze: Latin | “Fire”
  • Ciro: Italian | “Sun”
  • Lucas: Latin | “Bringer of light”
  • Mihir: Indian | “Sun”
  • Tidus: Japanese | “Sun”


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