Our Favorite Holiday Books for Kids to Read This Season


All of the magic and wonder and celebration that surrounds the holidays is beautiful, and reading holiday books for kids is the perfect way to dig deeper into those special parts of the season. It can be hard for young children to understand the abstract parts of the holidays. Most of what we celebrate can’t be held or seen. Books allow us a bridge between the realistic and fantastical and help kids understand things that otherwise are sight unseen.

We hope this variety of holiday books—with stories about Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa—will have something to suit every family. And whether you focus on the imaginative or whimsical parts of the season, there are plenty of options for a wide range of kids. Through the characters in these books, your holiday lessons will be that much easier to impart. And sitting down to read together as a family is always a good tradition, especially because the chaos of the season can be truly overwhelming for kids (and parents!). Scroll down to check out 40+ of our favorite holiday books for kids.

Holiday Picture Books

Matt Tavares

While Rudolph may get most of the attention this time of year, our favorite doe, Dasher, is just as lovable. In this charming tale, follow along as Dasher finds her way back to the North Pole with some unexpected help.

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David Litchfield

This cute tale explains how Santa became the man so many kids around the world know and love today. In Kid Christmas, Nicky Claus is a little boy who works alongside his three uncles at the Claus Brothers Toy Emporium. When Nicky notices a group of kids who can’t afford toys, he vows that, for one night only, every child will have the toy of their dreams—and, with that, Santa Claus is born!

Helen Yoon

Winter brings the holiday season and, in this adorable book, a spirited little puppy explores some of the funny traditions that come with winter like inflatable snowmen, millions of little lights, and more.

Drew Daywalt

The crayons from New York Times bestseller The Day the Crayons Quit are back in a holiday-themed tale. In this book, the green crayon thinks he’s the only Christmas-colored crayon in the box—until red, white, and silver assure him he’s not alone.

Clement Clarke Moore

The classic Christmas tale gets a modern update with bright and cheerful illustrations that will look adorable on a bookshelf and be a delightful read with kids.

Chris Van Allsburg

This holiday book is an absolute classic, sure to be beloved by generations. A young boy boards a mysterious train headed for the North Pole. When he finally meets Santa, he asks for a reindeer’s bell—which turns out to be a more special gift than he could have ever imagined.

Claire Clément

This sweet story can help ease the minds of little ones whose favorite stuffed animals have gone missing.

Patricia Toht

Holiday traditions are the best part of the Christmas season, and this book details all the rituals for picking out the perfect Christmas tree. It’s a celebration of family, friends, and customs.

Lisa Bullard

Sit down with this cozy holiday book and enlighten your little ones about the origins of Kwanzaa during the American Civil Rights movement. Young Kevin describes his family’s traditions and defines key terms.

Julia Inserro

If you could travel the world with Santa, where would you go? This book explores the globe, from Antarctica to Egypt, with Mr. Claus and his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Patricia Scarry

Little ones will love following Little Bear’s family holiday with scratch-and-sniff discoveries along the way.

Mary Lyn Ray

This cozy book tells the heartwarming story of Wilma and her young neighbor Parker as they work year after year to transform Wilma’s garden into a Christmas tree farm.

Matt Tavares

Dasher, a young reindeer, lives with her family and travels around with them as part of a circus, but she longs for a different life. When she meets a nice man in red with a big sleigh, she takes her chance.

Sherri Duskey Rinker

On a chilly night at the construction site, Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane, Dump Truck, and Cement Mixer are busy building a new home for some fire engines. When the night is over, they receive their own Christmas surprises.

Nicola Killen

A little girl and a lost reindeer make an unlikely pair of friends in this darling Christmas story. The two set off on an unforgettable, magical Christmas adventure.

Robert Barry

Poor Mr. Willowby is facing a problem. His Christmas tree has arrived, but it’s too tall for his living room! When he cuts off the top to make sure it can fit, the top gets passed around to all the animals in the forest.

Linda Bailey

Santa is a bit of an oddball baby. Although his parents are bewildered when he gives away his birthday presents and shows an unusual interest in chimneys, they love him all the same.

Ryan T. Higgins

Bruce is a very grumpy bear who likes to cook. He is definitely NOT Santa Claus. However, in a case of mistaken identity, Bruce is suddenly responsible for the Christmas wishes of the entire forest.

Donna L. Washington

Li’l Rabbit is excited to celebrate Karamu, the greatest feast of Kwanzaa, with his family. However, when Granna Rabbit is sick in bed for the holiday, Li’l Rabbit sets out to make sure she can have a special holiday, too.

Jane Yolen

Little dinosaurs love to celebrate Chanukah! However, the festival of lights can go awry when young dinosaurs misbehave, leading to tumbling dreidels and melting gelt.

Allan Morey

This book tells the ancient story of Hanukkah, a miracle that happened more than 2000 years ago, through song. The hardcover version comes with a CD.

Ellen Fischer

Lucky Latke was rescued from an animal shelter on the very first night of Hanukkah. Although he might have some trouble learning the house rules, he celebrates the holiday all the same.

Yuval Zommer

When all the other trees in the forest are taken to homes for Christmas besides a small, crooked fir tree, it feels lonely. Luckily, the forest animals show the tree what it really means to be loved.

Colleen Monroe

An overgrown pine tree always seems to be passed over for Christmas, leaving him droopy and blue. The woodland animals help the tree gain back his Christmas spirit and make his wish come true.

Tomie dePaola

In Mexico, the poinsettia is called “flor de Nochebuena” (flower of the Holy Night). At Christmastime, the flowers bloom and flourish, like red stars lighting up the countryside.
This Mexican legend tells how the poinsettia came to be, through a little girl’s unselfish gift to the Christ Child.

Karma Wilson

Sleepy Bear is struggling to stay awake for Christmas, and his friends are determined to help him do so. Join Bear as he bakes cookies, hangs stockings, and gives gifts to keep from falling asleep!

B.B. Cronin

Grandad is facing a dilemma: He has lost all of his Christmas ornaments! The children are tasked with exploring Grandad’s house and a winter wonderland in search of the missing decorations.

Allen Say

As a young Japanese boy recovers from a bad chill, his mother busily folds origami paper into delicate silver cranes in preparation for the boy’s very first Christmas.

Delia Huddy

This adorable pop-up book is all about Christmas cheer and last-minute surprises.

Natalie Savage Carlson

Armand, an old Parisian living on the streets of Paris, relished his solitary life, even as he begged and did odd jobs for money to keep himself warm and fed. Then one day just before Christmas, a struggling mother and her three children walked into his life. Though he tried to ignore their troubles, Armand soon found himself caring for the family and sharing his unusual home under the bridge with them.

Ellen Kalish and Gideon Sterer

Based on the true story that made headlines in 2020, this is the story of a little owl named Rocky (short for Rockefeller) who was found living in New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.

Holiday Board Books

Jill Howarth

This sparkly board book teaches little ones the ABCs of Christmas with fun and clever word associations.

Anna Dewdney

The Llama Llama rhyming board books are perfect for learning toddlers. In this edition, little llama and his friends do all sorts of holiday activities, from baking cookies to giving gifts.

Nicola Edwards

This popular pick, released in 2021, comes with cutouts and raised elements that make it perfect for snuggling up and reading with babies and toddlers.

Ekaterina Trukhan

This book introduces babies to cherished holiday traditions. Plus, the Indestructibles series is known for its durability for babies and toddlers who like to chew.

Emily Flaschner Meyer

This tabbed board book of poems follows Curious George along on the eighth night of Hanukkah. He lights the menorah, spins the dreidel, makes latkes, and more!

Nola Buck

Introduce little ones to the original Christmas story with this lyrical book and sweet illustrations.

Joni Kibort Sussman

Grover is a big fan of Hanukkah and a big fan of the number eight. Join him as he celebrates the holiday by counting his candles, his guests, his latkes, and more.

Roger Priddy

This touch-and-feel board book introduces babies and toddlers to the traditions of Hanukkah. With bright images and clear labels, this book is a perfect first step to celebrating the festival of lights.

Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton brings her fun illustrations to the holiday season with this board book. Follow Pookie and her mother as they prepare for the holiday season together.

Rod Campbell

In this lift-the-flap board book, Santa is looking for the perfect gift to give a very special child. Nothing seems quite right, but on Christmas Eve, Santa finds just what he’s looking for.

Olivier Dunrea

Father Christmas Goose is coming, and Ollie is getting impatient. Gossie and Gertie and Peedie and BooBoo are all hanging their stockings in anticipation, but Ollie is just stomping through the snow in anticipation.

Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper

This educational board book introduces children to the magical traditions of Hanukkah. Follow along through the practices of lighting the candles, eating jelly donuts, and more.

Alice Schertle

To spread Christmas cheer, Little Blue Truck is delivering Christmas presents to all his animal friends. Rhyme along with the characters in this heartwarming holiday book.

Deborah Diesen

Mr. Fish is very stressed out about finding the perfect gifts for his family and friends in time for the holidays. Follow him as he learns that the best gifts come straight from the heart.

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