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When my son was still an infant, I loved it when a new holiday came around because it meant an opportunity to experience another “first” with him. While he won’t remember any of these firsts, they were great photo op moments we can look back on together. Halloween was no exception. I loved dressing up as a kid, and even as an adult, it continues to be one of my favorite holidays, especially now that I can experience it with my son. For his first Halloween costume, he was the cutest skeleton I’d ever seen (I’m biased, of course). But, there are so many cute options for baby’s first Halloween costumes to choose from it gets hard to narrow it down.

Do you go classic with a cute little pumpkin for your little pumpkin? A ghost bunting makes for a sweet and simple first Halloween costume that stands the test of time. But, as always, there are some fun trends to get in on like ’80s and ’90s nostalgia, favorite TV and movie characters, and even the king himself—Elvis! Shopping for a baby’s first Halloween costume in 2023 is as fun as ever, so we went down the rabbit hole and did the leg work for you. We picked out dozens of cute, fun, and even funny baby costumes that will get the whole family psyched about trick-or-treating this year, including creative baby carrier costumes to make getting around on Halloween even easier!

Read on for 40 adorable baby costumes for their first Halloween. 


Baby’s First Halloween Costumes

jack o'lantern bunting
baby bear costume


Baby Bear Costume

You can’t help but want to snuggle this baby bear. Add a TY heart-shaped tag and voila—you have a beanie baby.

sizes 0 – 6 mon

baby hungry caterpillar


Baby Caterpillar Swaddle

Like the hungry caterpillar, babies are also constantly eating, so we love this appropriate costume for the littlest babies this Halloween.

Baby bumblebee and ladybug swaddles are also available.

baby's first halloween costumes

Shark Bunting Costume

As scary as sharks are, it’s going to be tough to get over how sweet your little one one looks filling out this baby shark bunting!

Parents can dress as lifeguards for a creative family costume.

baby hot sauce

Etsy | Buzz Bear Studio

Sriracha Baby Halloween Costume

Maybe baby doesn’t like spicy foods, but Sriracha sure makes for a flavorful and fun Halloween costume!

baby frap costume
baby flower costume

Etsy | Dino Rawr Clothing

Baby Flower Costume

Creative and sweet, this baby flower costume comes as a set—or you can just buy the petal bonnet.

baby bee costume

Baby Bee Costume

A costume buzzing with delight! A baby bee can be part of a family costume with parents or siblings dressed as flowers, ladybugs, or other nature-themed outfits or as beekeepers with their bee.

baby pumpkin costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Pumpkin Costume

An instant classic, this comfy baby pumpkin costume is a great tradition to bring back year after year.

baby bat costume

Old Navy

Baby Bat

Another quintessential Halloween costume, this baby bat could not be cuter.




baby elvis costume

Amazon | Rubie’s

Baby Elvis Costume

Get in on honoring The King this Halloween with this super on-trend costume. Though, in our opinion, Elvis is always a classic!

baby's first halloween costumes

Target | Dress Up America

Baby Strawberry Costume

As if your little one could get even sweeter, top them off with this adorable strawberry costume.

baby's first halloween costumes

Spirit Halloween

Dino Shell Belly Costume

Calling all mythical dinosaur fans! How perfect is this just-hatched baby dino costume?

best halloween costumes for babies under $75


Baby Lady Bug Costume

A rosy red ladybug costume to bundle up your little one as this charming little creature!

baby halloween costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Flamingo Costume

Make a pretty-in-pink statement with this baby flamingo costume from Pottery Barn, and its adorable fluffy “wings” and beak hood.

dalmatian costume for siblings

Hanna Andersson

Baby Dalmatian Sleeper

Pair this cute spotted pup with a firefighter or Cruella de Vil for a creative family costume.

Plus, use the sleeper as pajamas after Halloween.

baby chicken costume

Etsy | JoJo’s Bootique

Baby Chicken Costume

This baby chicken costume is so clucking cute, it’s no wonder this is a reader-favorite costume year after year!

Chicken hat is also available to purchase separately from the costume set.

baby turtle costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Turtle Costume

Even if your little one is crawling fast on Halloween, this baby turtle costume will be just their speed.

etsy owl baby costume


Baby Owl Costume

Adorable as a tribute to Harry Potter or on its own—this costume comes with a crocheted owl hat and onesie.

baby lamb costume

Baby Lamb Costume

This super soft costume can be cute on its own, as a family farm costume, or as a mommy-and-me costume with Bo Peep.

avocado costume baby

Etsy | 2N Design Studio

Baby Avocado Costume

No one will judge your avocado toast habits with this cutie by your side.



baby halloween costume

Source: @hey.itsashlei via #sharetheeverymom


baby peacock costume

Infant Precious Peacock Costume

We never knew a baby peacock was such a funny and sweet Halloween costume for babies until we saw this oh-so-cute outfit.

baby halloween costume

Baby Astronaut Costume

Encourage your little one to reach for the stars with this baby astronaut costume, complete with patches and little shoes.

baby bluey

Spirit Halloween

Baby Bluey Costume

A popular costume pick for 2023, a baby Bluey is sure to garner smiles from all your little one’s best mates.

baby care bear costume
baby costumes

Etsy | NMJ Handmade Creations

Baby Cabbage Patch Hair Hat

Speaking of nostalgia, Cabbage Patch dolls had parents in a chokehold in the 1980s and what’s cuter than dressing your baby as your favorite childhood doll?

baby narwhal

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Narwhal Costume

Maybe your little one loves reading Not Quite Narwhal at bedtime or you just can’t handle the cuteness of this baby narwhal costume—either way, this is a memorable pick for baby’s first Halloween.

family halloween baby skunk


Baby Skunk Costume

It’s no secret babies can be cute little stinkers, so this costume seems quite appropriate.

baby's first halloween costumes


Little Monkey Costume

A darling little warm and snug costume for your little one to monkey around in!

baby cookie monster costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Baby Cookie Monster Costume

You can never ever go wrong with a baby Sesame Street costume, especially when it’s Cookie Monster!

baby's first halloween costumes


Baby Grogu Costume Bodysuit

If you thought Baby Yoda was cute, wait until you see your little one dressed in this cute and comfy onesie.

baby chewie


Chewie One-Piece

One more for the Star Wars fans, this Chewie hooded onesie is perfect for cool Halloween nights!

baby's first halloween costumes


Buzz Lightyear Costume

Toy Story‘s Buzz is a timeless big-screen space hero so, naturally, this comfy costume is at the top of our list.

baby olaf costume


Baby Olaf Costume

Warm hugs will be hard to resist in this adorable Olaf costume.

baby ghostbuster

Baby Ghostbusters Costume

Make sure you introduce them early to one of the best movies of the ’80s with this baby Ghostbusters costume.

mickey mouse costume

Pottery Barn Kids

Mickey Mouse Baby Costume

When in doubt, go with a classic. An adorable heirloom quality Mickey Mouse costume can be passed on to younger siblings or friends in the future.



Baby Carrier Costumes

Whether taking little ones trick-or-treating for the first time or attending a Halloween party, a baby carrier costume can be creative and convenient!


30+ Cute and Creative Family Halloween Costume Ideas

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