UNTUCKit Shirts Review: Are They Worth It?

I won’t say my husband and I are as different as they come, but our interests and daily lives definitely tend to operate on opposite ends of the spectrum. The difference is particularly stark in our (somewhat stereotypical) views and preferences related to clothing—I love all clothes and own more than my fair share. My husband, on the other hand, is happy to adhere to a minimalist approach. He owns, very literally, the bare minimum of what he needs to maintain a small rotation of items that see him through the distinct four seasons of upstate New York and the two separate jobs of managing a department at work and being a dad to a baby and toddler at home. So, when he gave his rave review to his first UNTUCKit shirts, I knew we had found something special.

While he works from home from time to time, my husband commutes to the office almost every day. He’s a no-fuss kind of person who likes to look presentable but (as a dad) doesn’t have the time to iron his clothes or ponder different outfits. He likes to have a handful of solid options to come back to again and again.

While doing a fall-time refresh on my husband’s work wardrobe, we (it’s a joint effort—I told you I love clothes!) came across UNTUCKit button-down shirts and they have turned out to be the miracle clothing item my husband’s business-casual wardrobe needed.

Whether you’re helping a significant other add some new pieces to their closet or on the hunt for a gift-worthy men’s clothing item, look no further. These shirts are absolutely amazing. Keep reading for our full review of UNTUCKit shirts.


UNTUCKit Shirts Review: Why We Love Them



The Quality is Built for Minimalists

My husband is a minimalist. He doesn’t like owning an excessive amount of anything, let alone clothing. His sincere preference is to own a handful of shirts that he really enjoys. While I personally love and envy his commitment to minimalism, I’ve also come to witness that the practice doesn’t operate well when the clothing items are of lackluster quality. Clothing that is constructed with lower-quality materials tend to show their wear quickly–they pill, fade, and rip.

My husband has been wearing these UNTUCKit shirts on repeat for the past couple of months and they look the same as they did the day they came out of the packaging. While the cost for these shirts may seem high for a parenting budget upon first glance, when you consider the cost per wear, the purchase becomes much more practical.


They’re Meant to Go in the Dryer and Are Actually Wrinkle-Free

My husband is the father to a 1-year-old and an almost-3-year-old—his time is limited, to say the least. And when he does have available time, I know that there are about one thousand things he’d rather be doing than ironing or steaming his work clothes. With both of us actively involved in the never-ending household laundry duty, he and I both love that these shirts not only hold up in the dryer but they’re actually meant to be put in the dryer. I love that we don’t have to find space on the hanging rack for these shirts and that they come out of the dryer wrinkle free. The logistics of caring for these shirts alone makes them worth the investment.


They’re Designs Are Timeless

The last thing my husband is looking to do is stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in men’s fashion. When he finds an item he likes (in comfort and style) he’s happy to stick with it. Because it’s difficult for him to commit to adding new items to his closet, he and I both appreciate the timelessness of these shirts—they won’t go out of style any time soon.



They Fit True to Size

Prior to getting married, there was a part of my subconscious that assumed shopping for men’s clothing was easier than shopping for women’s. I now know that to be unfair and inaccurate. Shopping for men’s clothing is equally difficult in regard to fit and sizing.

Because we live in a small rural town, my husband and I don’t have access to clothing stores. With two small kids, we also don’t have the time to just “go shopping.” All of our clothes shopping is done online. After trying a handful of shirts and sport coats from UNTUCKit, we now know we can rely on this label to fit true to size—a major relief for anyone, but especially for those who are on the hunt for quality men’s gifts.


They Look Great—You Guessed It–Untucked

As you may have gleaned from the brand name, these shirts are meant to be worn untucked. While I’ve seen my husband tuck his shirts in to conduct job interviews, it’s not necessarily his go-to style. He much prefers an untucked shirt on the regular. I’m not entirely sure what mode of sorcery is at play, but these shirts legitimately look good—even sharp—untucked. While my husband is a pretty standard size, I can also personally appreciate the inclusive sizing offered by the brand, and its commitment to stylishly outfitting all shapes and sizes. In addition to offering sizes S-XXXL, there are also five fits available: regular, slim, relaxed, tall slim, and tall regular.


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Shop UNTUCKit Sport Coats

Beyond the shirts, my husband also owns a handful of sport coats from UNTUCkit. As a witness to these jackets, I’ll say that they are absolutely beautiful. The quality is top-notch and they come in a number of stylish colors and patterns. Long story short? This brand is a hidden gem in everyday and professional men’s fashion. Add to cart for elevated clothing items that are made to actually be worn—and trust me, they’ll be worn. Sport coats are available in sizes 38R-48R, with some available in short.

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