Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas to Get at the Salon or Do Yourself

Every year looks different in terms of just how into Valentine’s Day I get, but this year, an impromptu trip to T.J. Maxx really got me in the mood to decorate for the season of love. It got me thinking about how homes are not the only spots we can decorate for the holidays. We can also adorn ourselves! A festive sweatshirt or subtle heart earrings can get you in the spirit for V-Day. Plus, a cute Valentine’s Day manicure is a sweet way to treat yourself—and if you need ideas, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to finding a style that shows off your love for Valentine’s Day, the possibilities are endless. No matter if you love pink, red, white, or something a little less traditional, there’s a manicure for everyone. Personally, I’m a fan of the classics, so I always choose a nice soft pink as my base color. 

To help you find a cute design in time for the celebration of love, we’ve rounded up Valentine’s Day manicure ideas, whether you prefer to head to the salon or like to do them at home—plus products to help you get these looks!

Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas for the Salon

If you prefer to have your nails professionally done and like to keep things hassle-free (don’t worry, that’s me, too), these manicure ideas are just for you. The hardest part is choosing which design you want, but the rest is easy. Trust us: The end product will leave you with Instagram-worthy nails.

Checkerboard Hearts

We can’t think of a better way to get into the festive V-Day spirit than with these brigh and spunky checkerboard heart nails.

Written in the Stars

Have you ever seen a more dreamy mani? Perfect for the month of love, this design is absolutely stunning and unique—you won’t be able to stop looking at your nails!

Girly-Girl Nails

An ultra-feminine aesthetic is in, and these nails are no exception. You’re sure to be head-over-heels in love with this intricate design.

V-Day Swirls

Another fun pattern to show your nail tech—these nails capture the true spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Red Heart + French Tip Combo

We’re not ready to leave the red-nail trend behind. This French tip combo is the perfect way to add a little V-Day love to the classic.

Lollipop Lips

If you want to elevate your Valentine’s Day nails, opt for something a little more non-traditional. These lollipop lip nails will surely be a hit.

Ballet Nails

With the balletcore trend in full swing, you need a set of nails that will pair perfectly with your dainty and feminine ‘fits.

Neutral Mini Hearts

If you’re into neutral nails, this look pays tribute to Valentine’s Day while still being chic, classy, and timeless.

At-Home Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas

If you’re a nail art aficionado who can achieve salon-worthy looks at home, we’ve got you covered with these super cool designs that everyone will be obsessed with. Plus, we’ve included everything you’ll need to achieve these cute V-Day nails.

Pink Hues

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to rock all the shades of pink for an entire month. The best part about this look? It requires no special skills!

Classy Chrome

It wouldn’t be a nail roundup if we didn’t include a chrome look in the mix. You truly can’t go wrong with a classy nude nail topped off with a chrome sheen.

Ombre Hearts

If you’re pretty confident with your nail art skills, this heart design is worth a shot. All you need is a few shades of pink nail polish and a little bit of patience!

Subtle Hearts

This one’s for the moms who prefer something simple yet celebratory. Use heart nail stickers to make this look even more achievable.

Minimalist Baby Pink

We love a bold nail design, but sometimes a minimalist look is the way to go. Plus, this idea is great for those who are looking to sharpen their nail art skills.

Heart French Tip

If you’re a beginner at doing your own nails but are open to trying new things, you’ll have to give this heart-french tip a whirl. We promise it’s a lot easier than it looks!

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Press-On Nails & Stickers

Ah, the secret to easy-peasy manicures: press-on nails and stickers. As a busy mom, you may not have time to make it to the salon for an elaborate mani—but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen on your own. You can find a ton of different designs out there that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, but here are just a handful of our favorites.

Pink French Tip Chrome

When in doubt, French tip is the way to go. These press-on nails are incredibly easy to apply but will look like you got them professionally done.

Classic Hot Pink

PSA: Hot pink is back and here to stay. We love a solid color mani, and these press-on nails will make you feel put-together while showing your Valentine’s spirit.

Conversation Sweetheart Nails

Inspired by our favorite Valentine’s Day candy, these conversation heart press-ons add a pop of color to your nails (without the hassle).

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