30 Mother’s Day Activities To Consider This Year

It’s a tale as old as time. Something that’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable quickly becomes daunting at the sound of, “What do you want to do today?” Especially on Mother’s Day, this question comes with the best intentions. Those who love us want to make the day special by indulging in whatever we want to do. What may not be so clear is that the question of what to do on Mother’s Day may actually lead to more questions.

Do we want to do something as a family? Spend some quality time with a spouse? Or do we want a full day to ourselves? Then, once we’ve narrowed down who to spend the day with, the question becomes how we want to spend our day. Just like considering what we want to make for dinner, it can be tough to narrow down a singular answer—especially if the possibilities are endless.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate this Mother’s Day as a family, a couple, or on your own, allow us to assist. We’ve rounded up some of the best Mother’s Day activities in one place. Even better, we’ve broken them up into categories: things to do with the family, as a couple, and solo plans. You deserve to have the Mother’s Day of your dreams, and it’s possible to make that happen with the ideas below.

Family Mother’s Day Activities

1. Have a Picnic in the Park

Since Mother’s Day is in May, that hopefully means nice weather to celebrate. A great way to bask in it is to go to a local park with a picnic basket full of goodies in tow.

2. Go for a Bike Ride

Get the whole family outside and active by venturing to your closest bike trail. Spend an afternoon getting fresh air and exercise, and be sure to pack plenty of snacks and water for the adventure.

3. Do a Craft

Figuring out how to celebrate Mother’s Day with kids doesn’t have to be extravagant. We love the idea of doing a craft together because the possibilities really are endless. Put together a floral arrangement, start a scrapbook together, or bake a cake and decorate it. Whatever sounds like the most fun for you and your family is the right answer here!

4. Have a Movie Night

Sometimes relaxing is all we want to do when Mother’s Day rolls around. In that case, request that the whole family stay in and plan a movie night that lasts all day. Stay in your coziest pajamas, order in your favorite take out, and queue up some family-friendly movies. This is a great opportunity to introduce your little ones to some nostalgic movies from your childhood, too!

5. Have Breakfast in Bed

Few things rival the feeling of getting to sleep in. Pair that with breakfast made for you and served in bed and you’ve got a match made in Mother’s Day heaven. If you agree, let your family know that this is your big request for the special day.

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6. Go to a Museum

The best experiences are ones that are both fun and educational. Take a family outing to a local museum for an interactive experience the whole family will enjoy.

7. Plant a Garden Together

We think maybe Mother’s Day falls in May because all moms deserve a little bit of extra sunshine. Take advantage of the changing seasons by planting a garden together. Plant herbs you can use while cooking, veggies you’d normally buy at the store, or even flowers the whole family will be excited to watch bloom.

8. Go to a Sporting Event

Maybe your kiddos got really into the NFL this year seeing Taylor Swift on the TV screen all season. Or maybe the women’s basketball championship has been the talk lately. No matter what’s the topic of conversation, getting the family out for a sporting event is a fun opportunity to experience something that’s potentially new to them.

9. Visit a Farmer’s Market or Local Farm

A fun family go-to outing to add to your list is heading to your local farmer’s market. Grab some fun goodies, and don’t forget a special bouquet to bring home for Mother’s Day. If this is already a part of your seasonal routine, switch things up a bit and head to a local farm for berry picking, petting zoos, and other special experiences.

10. Go to the Beach

Maybe it’s hot enough where you are to pack up the swimsuits and sand castle gear. Or, maybe it’s still a bit breezy this May. Either way, when packing accordingly, you’re sure to have a great family outing to the beach (or lakefront!) whenever you go.

Mother’s Day Activities for Couples

11. Go Wine, Beer, or Spirits Tasting

One of the most fun yet casual dates to experience sans kiddos is going to a tasting event. Whether you prefer beer, wine, or spirits, there’s a venue for that.

12. Book a Chef’s Table a Fancy Restaurant

Take the traditional dinner date up a notch by booking a chef’s table at a new restaurant. You’ll get extra special treatment, so be sure to savor every moment.

13. Head Out of Town for the Weekend

Planning a couple’s getaway may be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you embark on a road trip or take a short flight to a weekend-friendly vacation destination, making new memories together is always a good idea. Be sure to pick up a souvenir for your babysitter!

14. Get a Couples Massage

Mother’s Day is meant to be all but synonymous with relaxation. Reconnect with one another while you get some much needed R&R by booking a couples massage (splurge and make it extra long!).

15. Take a Cooking Class Together

Even though you probably spend enough time cooking together, this is an experience meant to learn something new. Not only will you be able to bond over accomplishing something, but you can reminisce on the special date night each time you make the dish at home in the future.

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16. Get Outside Together

If the weather’s nice where you are, take advantage of it by having an adventurous date. Go hiking, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or the like. Spending some quality time in nature is sure to be the reset you two need.

17. Go Out for Drinks and Dancing

If the last night you went out for drinks and dancing was pre-burp rags and diaper changes, now’s the time to revisit the experience. No matter what your version of this looks like, it’s sure to be the carefree evening you’ve been waiting for.

18. Check Out a Comedy Show or Concert

Sometimes it’s nice to just get out of the house for a night. Switch up the typical date night by grabbing tickets to a comedy show or concert near you.

19. Recreate Your First Date

There’s no time like Mother’s Day to look back on how far you and your spouse have come. Reminisce on all of the great memories by going back to the beginning. Either go back to your first date spot exactly, or find something similar. You’re sure to feel all of those giddy, lovey feelings again in no time.

20. Have an Old Fashioned Date Night

If you’ve ever found yourself feeling like you’d love to know what it was like the date in the ’50s, plan an old-fashioned date night! Grab dinner at a themed diner, get ice cream for an old-fashioned shop, head to a drive-in movie, and end the night by re-creating your very own “lover’s lane.”

Solo Mother’s Day Activities

21. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

One of the most quintessential things to do on Mother’s Day is not to be overlooked. Every mom deserves to be pampered, especially on this day. Spend the day in total relaxation with things like a massage, a facial, and more.

22. Book a Staycation at a Local Hotel

While taking a solo trip isn’t something all of us would enjoy, we can take the idea and make it more practical by booking a room at a local hotel. Spend the night ordering room service, sleeping alone, and watching whatever you want on TV.

23. Take a Class

A solo date equates to the perfect opportunity to try something new. Get adventurous with a pilates class, or even something out-of-the-box like goat yoga. Or, if you’re feeling creative, try a painting or floral arranging class. The possibilities are endless with this one!

24. Visit a Local Garden

Whether it be sculpture, botanical, or the like, head to a local garden to take in the sights, smells, and sounds of spring. Of all the Mother’s Day activities out there, this may be the most peaceful.

25. Explore a Museum or Gallery

Sure, kids’ museums make a great family outing. But, there are plenty of museums and art galleries that aren’t intended for little ones. Use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to explore one of these on your own. The best part is that these spaces are notoriously quiet, meaning they offer a nice break for the senses.

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26. Have a Solo Journaling Date

Relaxing Mother’s Day activities are a great go-to, and nothing quiets the mind quite like journaling. Make an event out of the experience by going to a bookstore and picking out a new journal and some fun pens. Then, take your goodies to a local coffee shop and spend some time letting it all out.

27. Go Shopping

Too many of us know the feeling of putting on the same leggings with holes in them everyday, while simultaneously shopping for something new for the kids. Instead, this Mother’s Day, give yourself a budget to spend on new things just for you. Whether you online shop at your favorite store or check out the new boutique that just opened, use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to treat yourself.

28. Have the House to Yourself

Perhaps the perfectly relaxing day means not having to get ready to go out of the house. In this case, insist that everyone else leave for an outing for a majority of the day. Send your partner and kiddos out to the zoo, movies, or whatever tickles their fancy while you spend the day at home doing whatever you’d like. Bonus points if you end up staying in pajamas all day!

29. Go to the Movies

Many of us constantly have to share the TV or only go to a theater to see the latest children’s movie. If there’s something new that’s been calling your name, take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to spend a few blissful hours watching something you enjoy. Splurge on all the popcorn, candy, and drinks you want!

30. Have Brunch with Girlfriends

While this idea is not exactly solo, Mother’s Day activities that celebrate the important women in our lives are always in a win in our book. Get together with some friends who also need a brain break and spend a (long) morning grabbing brunch, having some mimosas, and catching up. Trust us, your cup is sure to runneth over after this!

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